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Read the whole book once in its entirety. After you have gone through it once, read it again and take a lot of notes. Go through your notes and make some decisions as to what specific course of action to take. Immediately implement some of the techniques and principles. Use the resources.

Don't overdo it. I happen to be a workaholic, and sometimes to my detriment as I do not know when to slow down. If you are not a workaholic but willing to work hard and in the right direction then you will be successful. I sincerely desire that you become prosperous in all areas of your life. Please keep me informed of your success and the obstacles you overcome both financially and spiritually.

It is all laid out before you. No guess work. I am giving it all to you. Do not underestimate what you have before you. It all works. If you disagree with something I say, fine. Realize though, I am detailing advice and information that has placed me in the position I am in today. My life is rich with an abundance of material wealth. More important than money, I am prosperous in the sense that I have a wonderful family and countless friends and associates from all walks of life.

It is a genuine honor when I am asked to share my knowledge and experience with others. Thank you for allowing me into your life while I assist you to succeed and achieve your goals.

It is up to you to take action and reach your goals. That I cannot do for you. You are receiving information, resources and tools that have been proven to create wealth for a person in your similar position. I started with nothing but a love for magic and desire to do good business and serve others. Whether your goal is to increase your business slightly or to create a multi-million dollar empire, you have everything you need right now. So, let's get started.

Lesson 1 - Millionaire Business Practices (Back to Index)

The number one determination as to whether you will be successful in business is how you relate to people. Read that again, it is the key to your success in all that you do. Now, ask yourself:

Are you likeable? Do you have genuine concern for the welfare of your customers and suppliers? Do your actions demonstrate your concern for providing excellent service and value? Do you pleasantly surprise people by delivering more than what is promised? Do you send thank you cards and show appreciation to those who support you? Or:

Are you grumpy and money hungry? Overly friendly (also known as being a "glad eye" or "glad hands") and use old salesman techniques like flattering people on their ties or shoes as a matter of habit because you read somewhere that it builds rapport? Do you use whatever tactic available to make a sale? Do you take the money and run?

Be honest and don't feel bad if you don't like your answers. You can change and improve your practices over time. There are people who make money without being kind and conscientious, but they do it the hard and unpleasant way. All else being equal, they will make less money for shorter duration and ultimately will be unfulfilled on many levels. It is actually quite easy to be nice, caring and fair. If it does not come naturally to you then try harder. Do not be phony. Simply adopt a more caring attitude bit-by-bit, day-by-day, and the rewards both financially and for your well-being will present themselves. The transformation will come naturally as you apply gentle and mindful attention to your actions.

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