General Marketing Strategy

Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got - Jay Abraham -He is the Gurus, Guru of Marketing who has sold books that cost as much as $750. The lowest price of any Jay Abraham materials you'll find anywhere and a bargain at ten times the price of this book.

Permission Marketing - Seth Godin - Tons of great examples for marketers large and small, both online and off. Excellent!

The New Magnet Marketing - John Graham - A good general book on marketing for small to medium-sized businesses. Well worth reading.

No More Cold Calls - Jeffrey Lant - Lant is a marketing genius for small businesses. This massive (675 pgs.) book is filled with more ideas than you'll be able to implement in years.

Marketing Without Advertising - Michael Phillips & Salli Rasberry -You will learn how to generate a constant stream of referrals without spending any money on advertising. Originally published in 1986 and just released in a new edition.

The New Maxi-Marketing - Stan Rapp and Thomas Collins - One of the best books on corporate marketing. Their other books are also worth checking out:

Maxi Marketing, Beyond Maxi Marketing and Send 'Em One White Sock.

The One to One Future - Peppers and Rogers - A compelling book about using information technology to customize marketing campaigns so that you are literally marketing to individuals but on a mass basis. Not a must-have but you will benefit from reading it.

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