Create Multiple Internet Revenue Streams

You can make money by providing both products and services on the Internet. The key to being successful at this is very simple. Build your own qualified, opt-in subscriber list. Subscribe to what? Your electronic newsletter of course.

Your web site visitors will provide their information and permission to include them in your mailing list. You get this by offering an e-zine (newsletter), special report, ebook, or something worthwhile in exchange. To keep them willing and interested in staying on your list, you continually provide them with valuable information that they can use or will enjoy.

I offer a 50 week email humor series using extracts from my book, "50 Ways to leave them laughing". Every week, they are reminded of my services. This is targeted for corporate clients.

Your profits are derived from booking shows and product sales that are generated by information you provide in your newsletter. Revenue can also come from commissions you earn by recommending affiliate programs that you belong to and believe in.

An affiliate program is basically an arrangement for commissions to be paid to people who refer business to one another. You can make money with affiliate programs in two ways. One is to be an affiliate, and the other is to set up your own affiliate program and pay people a commission to recommend your products or services. As an owner of an affiliate program, you must provide the tools and information your affiliates need to become successful Internet marketers.

I earn a steady flow of passive income by promoting several affiliate programs. You can check out, and join for free, my two favorites at::

If you would like a list of other great affiliate programs, just send me a note and I will be happy to send you a current one.

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