Contract Length

Contract can be as short as three days or as long as six months. The average length is 6 months. Short contracts come with little notice, sometimes only 24 hours! Such short notice means the cruise line needs to fill a position quickly and is prepared to adjust the length of the contract. Normally, the cruise line prefers to hire people for longer periods of time.

On a regular contract, you will usually have four to eight weeks notice to prepare for your departure.

Before you consider accepting any given contract, please remember that your verbal commitment is important to us. Once you give your consent, a contract and an airline ticket are requested in your name. Should you change your mind prior to departure, you will be penalized. Our contract of commission, which requires your signature, stipulates:

"If, for whatever reason, the artist changes his mind about accepting the contract or departs the vessel prior to the termination date on the artist's A/MA, either by his own choice, or by AMR's decision, or by ProShip's decision, except if the artist suffers from injury or medical condition not present prior to embarkation necessitating his dismissal from the vessel, the artist agrees to pay ProShip a replacement fee equivalent to three weeks of the artist's net salary."

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