Most shopping centers have a Santa Claus during the holiday season. Many of them will be interested in a proposal to have Santa to appear magically, or they may have already instituted this. I have presented "The Magic of Santa" in as many as nine shopping centers in the month of November. Often I would appear in up to three shopping centers in one day. At $1000.00 per show, which is the fee I received from each center, that worked out to be an additional $9000.00 each November. Each show was 20 minutes and the production of Santa Claus was from a simple illusion. Some years, and in certain shopping centers, the marketing manager did not even require me to produce Santa Claus magically and I still received the $1000.00 for a 20 minute show.

Recently, magician John Kaplan has released a method he has used to earn $22,500 for a single, Mall - Santa Claus appearance. Do a few of those each year and you are guaranteed to have a Merry Christmas. If this interests you: mailto:[email protected]

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