Sure Fire Force

Many fine practical effects are redacted by some magicians because, somewhere in the working, there is a force. The thought of having to force a card can frighten art otherwise stable man, and 1 know that very many performers have abandoned the idea of card forcing forever.

J am well aware of the risk involved in a lot oi forcing methods. 1 am also aware that, as a professional performer, i ca imot afford to take unnecessary risks- With this in mind, I decided to evolve a force that had no risk attached to it at all.

The Sure Fire Force I am about to describe is just what its name suggests; a force that is sure fire, certain to work and always ready, so lung as a pack of cards is handy.

Follow the description with a pack of cards in your hands. We will assume you are going to force the Acc of Hearts, Spread the cards casually between the handB, face up. When you spot (he Ace of Hearts, cut the cards at the point and bring it to the top of the pack. Close up the cards and hold them, lace down, in the loft hand. The Ace of Hearts is on top. As you approach (he person on whom you wish to force the card, lift Off about half the pack with the right hand and place it under the bottom half, allowing the left lij&le finger to curl across the Ace of Hearts at the inner end. I aiti nut advocating the so- called 'flesh-break1 at this point, , , . tu be certain, 1 suggest that you let the entire top joint of the little finger lie on the card. You don't want to lose the card at this point- Immediately you have made this cut, riffle the front of the pack with the right fingers and spread the pack between the hands, in the familiar 'take a card' gesture. You will notice thaL, because of the intrusion o.l the left ¬°it lie finger in the pack, a br yak has occurred right above the card you want to force. Spread the cards from left to right as you draw close to your spectator, and as you reach him, extend the ft hand, with the thumb on top of the Ace of Hearts, and lift off the cards above the Act.', taking them away to the right. What you have in fact done is to hold out half a pack of cards, with the card you want to force lying on top. Not only that, but you remove any doubts as id the card he should take by pushing the Ace of Hearts slightly forward with the left thumb.

To check your position at this point, you should have an irregular fan of cards, about half the pack, in the right hand, held away 'uuL and down to your right. The left hand holds the squared lower half of the pack, with the force card on top, extended toward the spectator. The force card is pushed slightly forward.

Now, to make this work, you have to do one simple thing. Just before you break off the spread cards with the right hand, say to the spectator, "Please take a card. ..." As you say this, break off the spread cards, carry them to the right and extend the left hand with the force card slipped slightly forward. Now. turn your head aside, to the right, closing your eves tightly, and say, "I won't look. " That's all!

He will take the Ace of HeartsI

Timing is fairly important here, and the force has to move at a good pace. You should be extending the left hand, drawing away the right hand and turning your head practically all at the same time. There is no difficulty about it, a few minutes practice gettmg the sequence right will do it, I have used this force many, many times, and it never fails.

1 have found that the force will equally well with men or women. For some reason, the spectator, and the audience as a whole, are totally disarmed by the gesture of turning the head aside, closing the eyes and saying, "I won't look. "

Effective as it is, this lorce should never be used more than once in a performance. Do not let yourself become complacent over it s simpl icity, either; the procedure should be followed exactly as 1 have laid it down, anil any desire to improve it, should be resisted.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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