Winning an audience oj^er to your side is of paramount importance. This effect is designed to do just that. There is audience participation, light comedy, and a baffling mystery to top everything off.

Effect: Six members of the audience are each given a piece of white card and a felt-tipped pen. The performer, after distributing the cards and pens, goes back tD the front. "I am going to ask the six people ■ with cards and pens to help me in an experiment, " He says, "You all know what a doodle is- Well, I want you to doodle. 1 want you, when 1 give the word, to scribble anything that comes intoyour minds, and keep doodling for fifteen seconds- That's all. "

The performer pauses before going on, "Does everyone understand? Are you ready?". The performer raises his hand, holding it aloft for a moment, then drops it saying, "Go! "

When the time is up, the cards are collected by a member of the audience, and thoroughly shuffled before they are handed back to the performer.

The performer takes one of the cards and examines the drawings on it. "There are a lot of circles here, "he says, "and one or two spirals. This person is methodical, ambitious The small house here tells me it is a woman, a young lady, and she has ¡¿reat talents. . . she is artistic, and she can express herself welt, a most articulate person " The performer pauses for a moment. "This doodle, "he says, "could have been made by only one person.. . . tr He turns slowly and points to a woman in the audience. . . "By you, madam". He flips over the doodle and shows it. "Am 1 correct?",

The lady confirms that he is indeed correctJ The rtmaining five doodles are dealt with in a similar fashion, each tunc being correctly attributed to a part-be iiJli]- member of the audience.

Method: [hi- t r i e.k : h pr act! tally all présentât-it" j, I'ho curd s, whl'di h h unir J be fairly ^tu'l and about i,\i- inches -f|uur.iti are e,n h nicked on the edge with Liu 'humh nili]. Tin- hick should Lie sUÇfl that it can r.i - be- 't-11, z : r ■. r I each hick should correspond to a <. " : r i j > uic sin, inclusive, Lxpe ri nie in wi[h ■nd i" rl o'li. tr.ethod that =uit.s you, All that is p ■ i' r am i- th;,t vuu should be able to Locate the nick !v without looking !11r : nic thnt you > En.mld be in loubc ,is t<> which hm; uber i- re pre ¿erred. As the i 1-, art- jiniuU't! out, i.i-nla tut- ,ùt-r each person . - r re ipojid \\.:h the mivil-, r that he ors he r e cei vt s. ,h r i I.- i 01 Ij^ rl i k. I h'.'i in 1 ht* ihiiw, or you could : he i ri :hey are beltj'g handed out.

Crti Th r (.■> ct jj U the presentation as detailed in the f : i'rllt* hen you start to r ead the doodles, make sure Know who drew each one, and 'slant' the reading m '»rdbigly, Harling with general i act n, then gradually Tta r'-owinp down io describe thr- person. If you have dit iLuliy in I ir,pr ovi singj study a few horoscopes, and not"- I he generally oplimisric tone» Never make any do! nite, specific predictions when reading ^he doodle:. K' p it fill f 11 r*iflattering and ambiguous;.

h viiu will t rv ihii effect, either Ln your act m- ,1 n parly, i:oti will gaii rome appreciation of its '■, , ¡t- ! ■ j - c- il p mfe .s sicmally, ,md find it practical v-1 t'H ,.ll kj:if[s ul audiences.

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