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a treatise on preshow work

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Also by Mark Strivings-

Books and the like-

Annemann For The 90's (1994) Mental Mélange Lecture Notes (1996) Mobile Men talis m book/audio tape set (1996) The Unseen Edition (1997) To Pay The Price (1997) Constructive Mentaiism (1998) Magic For Young-Un's (1998) Pseudo-Psi (1999)

On video and audio-

Annemann's Encore (1994) How To Make Money With Psi Parties (1996) TheAnnemann Upgrades Vol. I (1996} Strivings Speaks Vol. 1 (1996) Strivings Speaks Vol. II (1996) WAM - Walk-Around Mentaiism (1996} Strivings Speaks Again ( 1997) Mentaiism - A Viewpoint (1997) The Mastermind Act & Cagliostro's Crystal (1997) How To Create Your Own Miracles (1997) The Desert Brainstrom Series (with the Six and One-Half, 1997}, three tape set A-l All-Stars Volume 111 (with Juan Tamariz, Darwin Ortiz, Raphael Benatar, 1997) Mark Strivings Goes To Daycare (1998) Get More Out Of Your Magic (1998) Marketing Your Mentaiism (1998) Kid Stuff - The A-B-C's All 'Bout Children (1998)

Imagination Is Everything (1999) A-l Convention At The Capita! Live '99 (1999)


Symbol Minded * As In A Mirror Darkly * As In A Mirror Darkly The Sequel * Tarot TelS Challenge Name-A-Card * Extra Sensory Perception * Arcane Image Tarot-Optic * Warm Fuzzies Up Close * Tarot Tell Basic Kit * Arcane Symbol Minded Par-Optic Plus * Seven Keys To Baldpate * The Sight Unseen Case * Puzzler Psychic Psuds * Happy Meal Miracle * Sea Shell Divination Kit * Open & Shut Froggie * A Work Of Art (with Robin Dewitt) * Mask-erade * Mask-erade II The Joint's Jumpin' * Koran Style Force Deck * Koran Style Two-Way Force Deck The Précognitive Puppet * Chip Shot * The Precognitive Phinger Puppet The Ultimate Invisible Brainwave * Blistering * Hypno-Voque * A Binding Choice * Squeek Me!

Marketed Materials -

The Home Psychic Party Kit Cagliostro's Crystal - The Deluxe Set Psychic Influence

For more information on the complete line of materials for professional mentalist's, children's and family entertainers, please call or write-.

Mark Strivings 8631 N. Lowell Blvd. Westminster, CO 80030 USA (303) 650-6992 email [email protected]

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