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- a treatise on prcsfiow work -

never seen on stage, even better!! They are, for all practical purposes, invisible. Thus the impact of information they may obtain is even more powerful.

There are performers who have been known to scope out the parking lot while patrons are arriving for a performance. A lot of information can be gleaned by observation here. The type of car a person drives, the license plate and the State it comes from, who is doing the driving, the mood of those in the car as they pull up, more than one car bringing a load of people from the same party ... all of this can be put to good use later on. This same technique can be applied to the lobby of the performing venue as well.

Bottom line here is to always be aware of any opportunity to gain information on people who are attending your performance. You never know what you might chance into that could positively kilt on stage later!

There is the famous story of Dr. Jaks hiding in a stall in the men's restroom prior to a show and listening to the chatter, only to use the valuable information later! 1 would have loved to have seen the looks on the gentlemen's faces! Well, this is still as valid today as ever. As I'm sure you already know, the ladies restroom works even better! Of course, if you have a female assistant (preferably one who does not appear on stage, for reasons already noted...) she can do this same thing for you without the fear of raising suspicion and a possibly sticky situation if you tried it yourself "{like you leaving the ladies restroom!). Obviously I'm assuming you're male. If not, here's a chance to just reverse the situation!

You never know when or where an opportunity may arise to gain a bit of information that can be used later on. You've got to stay alert and on your toes. The biggest warning I can give is, please don't just lurk around your audience prior to a show, paying what might be perceived as undue attention to them. I've seen this happen and believe me, people do notice. This can come back to haunt you later on, so don't do it. If you can't be very discreet, don't even bother!

Of course, if you throw some technology into the above mix, you can come up with miracle material! I know of performers who carry their laptop computers with them at all times, even backstage before the show. Imagine what you could do with internet access and a name or a phone number!! You hear the stories on the news all the time about people who can find out all about you over the internet, right? Why not put some of that to good use. You're not going to do anything illegal or immoral, so go for it!

There are CD-ROM's out there that have entire databases on them with all kinds of information. You don't even need internet access to use them. I won't list any here purely

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