Before The Curtain Rises

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(Be/ore gT^c Qurtain cI^ises

- a treatise on presfiow work -

- cJabfe of Contents -


Definition of Preshow & Introduction

Types of Preshow Work - Overview

Type One: Direct Contact - Overview

Type Two: Indirect Contact - Overview

Direct Contact - Detail

Indirect Contact - Detail ...

Potential Pitfalls Of Preshow

Time (or the lack thereof)

Spectators Talking

Preshow Volunteers Leaving

Factors In Making Preshow More Effective

Numbers of spectators approached

Mixing Methods

Useful Devices for Preshow

The Use Of Preshow In Various Effects

'Multiple Outs' Routines

As Part Of A Three-Part Prediction

Tossed Out Deck


Psychic Yahtzee

Psychic Yahtzee 2

The Miracle Prediction

Some Farting Thoughts

Suggested Reading

The 'Warming Up To Strangers' Dept.

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