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What can I say about my friend Docc? He can take the smallest thing and turn it into a miraculous experience. He can get on stage with damn near nothing, and work for hours. He has his own style and personality. And audiences simply cannot get enough of whatever it is that he does!

Docc is also a true and steadfast friend, a friend for life - in all the meanings that this might entail. He is surely no stranger to all of you. Of course he has been known to be rather WEERD. Since Docc changed the spelling of "weird" to "weerd" as a label for what he does, you will see that I spell it this way In all my work. It's my little way of "tipping the hat" to his talents and friendship. Now you know.

This time Docc blesses us with an effect that isn't. An explanation that isn't. But it COULD be. You know, typical Docc material.

EFFECT: The performer speaks about subliminal programming and influence, and offers a demonstration. After giving a spectator words to repeat, the spectator is asked to pick a number written on a business card. She does, and this is shown to be based on the subliminal meaning of the words she was asked to repeat!

THE WORKS: This is based on an old effect that you all know very well. You write the numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4

on a business card, and on the other side of the card write the number 3 as a prediction.

Most people choose the number three of course. But what Docc does is turn this simple little thing into a complete and realistic discussion on subliminal influence!

Instead of writing the numbers 1 -4 sideways across the card, write them with the number 1 at the top, the number 2 underneath it, and so on - so the numbers are written from the top of the business card down. Then write the number 3 again on the printed side of your business card, as your "programmed" or "influence" number.

Begin speaking about subliminal programming. Go into great detail if at all possible, as this really sells what you are about to do. Speak about subliminal audio tapes, the fact that some stores use subliminal messages under the "atmosphere music" to get people not to steal from the store, sex on television ads, and so forth.

Then offer to demonstrate this subliminal principle. Try to choose a "heart type" spectator for this if possible, although it is by no means required. Tell her you shall try to use subliminal influence with her; not to make fun of her, but to prove how even the most intelligent people can fall under it's influence at times.

To "program" the spectator, say you will teach her a simple phrase that she must repeat. The phrase is "For one to end, one must begin." Have her repeat this phrase out loud. Say to the spectator "That makes sense doesn't it? For one to end, one must begin. You cannot END if you haven't BEGUN, right?"

Then have her repeat the phrase. Help her out again if needed. Do this several more times. Finally say "Good! Now I have four numbers on this card, take this pen and mark a line through any one of these numbers NOW! Quickly!"

Of course the chances are good she will put a line through the number 3. If so, you may end and "prove" the subliminal influence. If not, say "Excellent! And another... Good! And one more... Perfect!" In other words, if she missed the number 3, have her cross out two more numbers. This is your secret second chance to "hit" the number 3 by the spectator leaving it as the "only number not crossed out - the only number that remains by your own hand"!

So you see now how you have more than the usual opportunity to have the spectator end on the number

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