While my version is considerably less gaffed than the original, it's not exactly impromptu. In addition to the deck of cards, you'll require a double-backed card and four duplicate aces of spades. These must all match the deck you're using.

You'll also need two coin envelopes just large enough to hold playing cards. (Either number 3 or number 4 size will work.)

Finally, you will need a mini-Himber wallet just large enough to hold the envelopes, (These come on the market from time to time from various dealers.)

Seal one of the envelopes and leave the other unsealed. Place one envelope on each side of the mini-Himber wallet. Both should be oriented flap outward. Place the wallet in your inner left jacket pocket. Have the four duplicate cards in a packet with the double-backer on the bottom. Place these cards in the same pocket as the wallet, on the side nearer your body, the double-backer against the wallet. (This means the duplicates will be faces toward the wallet.)

Finally, you should have a pen in a pocket that you can reach with your left hand. This may be either a marking pen or a regular pen.

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