The key to this routine is what magicians call the punch deal and what card cheats call the peg deal, dealing the bump, or dealing a blister. This means that certain cards are marked so they can be identified by feel and retained on top by second dealing. In order to mark the cards you'll need a device called a pegger. (See illustration I for an example.) Although these items are primarily made by and for members of the card cheating community, they do become available from magic dealers from time to rime. (As of this writing, there are some available from www. elmagicshop. com.)

The pegger is used to raise a tiny bump on the back of the card you wish to mark that your thumb can feel as you deal. You'll need to experiment to determine the best spot to position the blister so that the tip of your thumb can feel it with a minimum of movement. It all depends on how your thumb lies across the top of the deck as you deal.

Once you've determined that spotT peg the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of spades at both ends.

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