Performance Tips

I strongly recommend that you give the double-facer away as a souvenir at the end oi the effect. It makes a memorable (and inexpensive) give-away. If performing for a couple, I give the card to the lady. Otherwise, I tear the card in half widthwise and give one half to each spectator (A Solomon-like solution, if I do say so myself). That's why I have each spectator sign along the whole length of the card. Later each half-card will bear half a signature on each side.

^ I generally avoid putting in print ideas that I don't use myself. However, IVe come up with a presentational touch on Ultimate FusUm that I think has real merit but that I II probably never use. So TU pass it on for anyone who may want to try it.

If you own a FISM Flash, you can use it to dramatize this trick's moment of magic in an effective and appropriate manner. After the spectator places her hand on the card, place your hand on top of hers. Talk about the two of you generating a burst of energy to fuse the cards. Close your eyes and concentrate. After a moment, set off the FISM Flash. Finish by revealing the fusion of the two cards as before.

A simple but effective way to get into this effect is to leave the double-facer and one red queen in the case when you first remove the deck. Perform any other tricks you want with the deck. When you want to do Ultimate Fusion, cut the other red queen to second from the face and contrive some excuse to momentarily place the deck in its case. When you remove it, you're set for the effect.

This approach will, however, leave the deck three cards light at the outset; the red queen and the two cards matching the double-facer are missing. I counteract this by leaving the joker and extra joker in the deck.

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