The setup used in this effect is Rusduck's adaptation (Zens-atumal, Cardiste No.2, pp.3-4) of Mike Zens' poker stack {Quadruple Poker Trick, Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, pp.369-71), Rusduck's great contribution was a stack that allowed you to actually produce the exact hand called for. The Zens setup required a great deal of cheating. Whether the spectator requested a flush, a straight, a straight flush, or a royal flush you would produce a royal flush. I think that audiences would rightly recognize this as a copout.

The Mike Zens effect introduced the any-poker-hand-called-for plot. (A better-known version, also using the original Zens stack is Annemann's Call Your Hand, Jinx no.36, p.243.) As previously mentioned, the ruse for secredy arranging the setup cards in front of the spectators was shown to me by Juan Tamariz,

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