This routine is based on Andrew Wimhurst's outstanding Johnny Mnemonic. It combines methodologies and presentational ideas from that routine with chose of another Wimhurst effect, The Expert At The Bridge Table., to create a totally impromptu version of the Mnemonic plot. (Both of the source routines can be found on The Card Artistry of Andrew Wimhurst video).

The concept that a divided-deck setup can survive an Erdnase runup is my own discovery. However, the broader principle applied to much smaller setups can be found in Lynn Searles* Double Deal, The Card Expert, pp.50-2 and Bruce Elliott's The Eajitfrt at the Card Table, Phoenix No.5, pp.17-8. (Andrew Wimhurst exploited this feature of the Erdnase runup to control a much larger stock in The Expert At The Bridge Table.) The Elliott routine introduced the presentational ploy of leaving the cards to be stacked face up and used the idea of narrating the runup as you perform it. The originator of this latter idea, however, was Jack Merlin (~And a Pack of Cards", p.43).

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