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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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"A written pact, renouncing Christianity for services at the price of the signatory s soul and signed utfth his blood, becarrw as indispensable a part of the sorcerer's equifiment as the hook, the wand, and the circle, it gave rise to innumerable situations,

to an unending series of variations upon the one pregnant theme: the wiles of the devil to obtain the bond in its fcroiier legal1 form; his wicked sophistries about the time and the f>lace when it was to fall due; the guile exerted by his adversary to leave a loof)-hole he might wiggle through."

E.M. Buder, The Myth of the Magus

Some in magic seem to think that a strong story presentation can justify a weak effect. Others will link a strong effect with a strong story that, unfortunately, just doesn't fit the effect.

Here you have a strong story supporting a strong effect. And the two fit together like a hand in a glove. Furthermore, although tongue in cheek, they tap into a powerful archetypal notion about magicians.

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