# The problem I've always had with the various versions of The Cannibal Cards plot is the reproduction of the cards. Typically, after the kings eat them, the performer pulls the cards out of his pocket, the card case, or some such thing. Clearly, these kings have a digestive tract beyond my comprehension. Even worse are chose routines where the cards are produced from the deck, thereby providing a major clue to the modus operandi. It seems to me that, having established your premise, you have to be true to it. If the cards went into the kings, they have to come out of the kings.

Of course, achieving this consistency is easier said than done, which is probably why most versions don't do it. It took a great deal of thinking, experimenting, and discarding of ideas before 1 came up with a deceptive and convincing way of producing the illusion I wanted. There are those who'll say that I've taken the whole subject too seriously. After all, it's only a card trick. I feel it's not too much to ask that even a card trick make sense.

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