Most published gambling routines are designed to make people with little skill look like people with great skill. But what about those of us who really do possess great skill? If we simply demonstrate our skills in a straightforward manner, we may not come across as any more talented than the guy using pseud o-methods.

One of the things i've always aimed to achieve in my gambling routines is to start from a baseline of great technical skill and, through the addition oí dramatic and deceptive elements, amplify those skills to the level of seemingly super-human abilities. This routine is a good example. It's very technically demanding. Yet, what the audience ends up believing you did, not only far surpasses what you really did. It far surpasses what anyone could ever do. In this way, it keeps you ahead of the guy with a set of TV magic cards.

& This is not a short routine. When I perform it, it runs slighdy longer than six minutes. Dramatically, however, it works as two related but separate effects. It peaks at the end of phase one and the dramatic arc starts to rise again at the beginning of phase two. This, comhined with the fact, that amazing things are continually happening throughout both phases, ensures that it doesn't drag for audiences.

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