The Sight Unseen Case

Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading

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by Mark Strivings

The hottest utility item in decades! You gel a business card case thai looks completely normal but allows Invisible access from the outside lo the inside. ll can be handled completely normally and c^stislly and will not revea! its' workings It is very low tech, so nothing can go wrong The access is buili imo the design ol the case and allows foi literally hundreds of effects and applications, You can perform nail |or boon) writing, billet switches, loading and unloading billets, peeks and glimpses of written material, double writing applications, as well as dozens of others that have yet lo be discovered.

Your case comes with a 20 page booklet of some of my own handlings br it as well as descriptions of several techniques thai will allow for any number ol original effects.

Handcrafted by the master leather worker from England, Roy Roth, this is a top quality piodua in every way. It's available In either black Or burgundy Be sure to state your color preference- h's yours for on/y

elsewhere add $3.00 for p/h

The Sight Unseen Case is one of the. top ten inventions truer treated for the men tali si. " Docc Hilford, author, creator and psychic entertainer this top (jurtJity item is something / '// use myself."Lee Earle, Syzyijy "Mark Strivings Sight Unseen Case is a

'must hniiC"John author and psychic entertainer

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Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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