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Effect II goes one step farther My dear friend Ed Fowler makes a wonderful clear change bag out of ZipLoc® bags. To do this version you will need one of the large size clear change bags (any change bag will do), and as many distinctly different colors of billet material as you can find. Cut about 15-20 of each color into about 2 inch square billets (or whatever size works for you). Write different three digit numbers on each of these billets and fold them roughly into quarters.

Your Multi Desk can be set up exactly as in Effect 1. On one side of the change bag place slips of tire five colors represented in your Multi Desk on/y. In the opposite side of the bag set up all of the colors (including your force colors). Obviously, you have slips chosen from either side of the bag for the initial show. Do make sure that some slips of the non-force colors are chosen and the numbers read When if comes time for the actual slip to be chosen, make sure to have it selected from the force side of the bag.

Just as in Effect 1, wait to see which color is chosen and write the number on the corresponding slip in the Multi Desk. You can buy yourself some more time to write and fold, etc., by having other slips opened and the numbers read. It would be most effective if these slips were selected from the non-force side, to get a wider mixture of colors Reveal as above.

Now you know how I do the Bingo effect with rny crazy lotto ball looking thing. If you ever find one of these, here's a solid effect to do with it. Although candidly, either ZipLoc© handling here works_.far better for stage and is much flashier. Of course it also works just as well for close up. If you're going to do this close up, do Effect I since everything can be examined (except the envelope, unless you choose another revealment that can be examined). Have fun!!

3o\v oJccfi(Bingo

You can also do the basic Bingo effect above without the Multi Desk. It doesn't have the matching colored billet feature, but it still kills. Have a basic desk in your pocket and some way to do the revealment. In this case you could use a Window Double Envelope and use the dummy billet feature. You will need the regular ZipLoc® bag and as many different colors of slips as you want. Each one has a different two or three digit number.

When the slip is selected, simply pocket write the color of the slip first and then the number on it! You can buy extra time by having other slips opened. The color feature tends to catch them off guard with this version for some unknown reason. Still it works great! Try it out next time you forget your Multi Desk at home.

At the time of this writing some office supply emporiums have multi colored plastic disks that can be written on. You already know where this is going. With a large tipped black marker

- a treatise on the oj^Poefcel Wrvting -

write a two or three digit number on both sides of each disk. You can do either of the Bin go effects with the Multi Desk feature or the L.ow Tech version just described, Since the numbers are large and visible from the outset, you have all your information immediately. It is also obvious to everyone that the numbers are not duplicated and the choice is a free one. This is tremendous. Get a set of these disks and make a them up!

35mm <y\iracic

This is somewhat of an acquired taste. This type of presentation won't fit everyone but it's fun and certainly a baffler.

Effect - The performer displays five 35mm film containers and shows that each one contains a folded slip of paper. The performer states thai he has narrowed down the possible outcomes to only five and these are the five that he thinks may happen. The containers are closed and mixed freely.

The performer then has a random four digit number constructed or simply named {whatever you wish) and recorded on a blackboard. Now one of the five containers is chosen and set aside, Each of the others is opened and the slip inside is opened and shown to have a four digit number on it, however none of the four slips number are even close.

Finally the fifth container is opened and the slip revealed to contain the exact number freely selected before. Everything can be examined.

Method - That last tine got you didn't it? At the very end everything can be examined -after a tiny bit of clean up. Makes me smile when I think about it.

Well, it's a solid effect that plays very well. Obviously it uses pocket writing for the chosen number, that much is certain. It also uses a method that 1 stated earlier in this book that I'm not terribly fond of. That's still true, but for this effect it's perfect

Each of the 35mm containers has a billet (matching the one in your desk) with a four digit number. Try to remember these numbers. If by chance your spectator names one of them, you have a real miracle on your hands. If that happens, force the container and then learn how to walk on water-

But for the other 99.99% of the time, here's what you'll do. You're going to switch the billet with the thumb tip method. Simply write the chosen number on the billet, fold it and slip it into the tip. Insert your thumb and you're set. You'll have all kinds of time to do this as you ask if they had any reason to pick that particular number out of thousands (literally), etc.

Have a container chosen and set aside. With the tip in place, open each container (not at all difficult, but do try to keep the tip somewhat out of sight). More thoughts on this in a

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