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by Mark Strivings

"// you're so good at this Stuff, uifiy don l you /usi predict the lottery ami u'in a million bucks7"

It's £ legilunate question. I've been asked many limes, as I'm sure you have. What we have here is both a solid answer to I hat question as wet) as a brain-buster effect

A novelty loiteiy pen is introduced along with a small envelope, There is a folded slip of paper in the envelope. The pers is demonstrated and random numbers are rolfod into the cylinder. Any spectator now decides which exact ball 1-6) they want on which roll They now roil the balls the desired number of times. The random number is finally arrived at. The envelope is opened and the folded slip opened by the spectator. It's got the exact same number on il! It's a miracle1.!

Please note - NO /brce. the number is different every time. The pen Is completely ungaifed and can be examined. The spectatoi ism complete control of the pen ai all limes Can be performed surrounded, dose-up or stage. Simple to perform, everything is included to work this miracle It's a worker And It can be yours for the pci/fry sum of,

elsewhere add $3.00 for p/h A collection for the mentalist...


Bif 'MaH^Strivirtgs

A new collection from Mark Strivings featuring seven effects and an essay of importance to all rnentalists, Pseudo-Psi contains updated handlings of four Strivings standards 'Chip Shot', 'ESP in My Pocket" (two versions), 'The Dakota Miracle', and 'The Precogniove Plunger Puppet' all receive new handlings and treatments Come see where these effects have gone!

Also included arc three previously unpublished effects 'One Deck Premonition', 'Lcngshot Lottc", and'Psychic Influence' will get you thinking (and doing). Also included is en excerpt Irom "Mentalism - a Viewpoint' (available elsewhere in this cataJog) on 'Labeling The Mentalist'. This will get you thinking! Amazing effects that have become the trademark of Mark Strivings' brand of mindbending rnenlaltsm, Nearly 50 pages, comb bound In card covers. It can all be vours for onlv.

elsewhere add $3.00 for p/h

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Understanding Mind Control

Understanding Mind Control

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