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Extra Comments -

1 did not include In the original write up the complete sequence of events that I always use in this effect. Here, for the first time is the missing material.

After the 'final' roil and the disclosure of the random number, I ask the spectator to roll the balls one more time and read all six of the numbers. This accomplishes two things. First, rarely does their selected number appear again and this makes for a solid presentation point as to the impossibility of what they are about witness. Second, it allows me plenty of time and, more importantly, misdirection to complete the writing and get the palmed slip out of my pocket. By the time they have finished reading the six numbers, I have the slip folded, palmed and loaded into whatever device I'm going to reveal it from. Of all the effects in this book, this is probably the strongest example of the misdirection that is so helpful (and necessary) to complete the mechanics of the writing. That pen is like a magnet and the audience can't keep their eyes off of it. Needless to say, they don't stand a chance of figuring this one out.

Obviously any of the desks described elsewhere in this book would work just fine, likewise the method of disclosing the prediction. My personal favorite now (after these many years of performing this) is to use one oi my 'window double envelopes' with a dummy slip in the main compartment. This is explained in detail elsewhere. I have also used my Sight Unseen Case with this many times

When 1 first started doing 'Lotto L.uck' many years ago I used an ink cartridge for the pocket writing. My logic was that since the object in play was a pen, the spectator might logically assume that the prediction was written with that same pen. I never specifically mentioned it, but thought it was a nice psychological touch. 1 have also done it many times with a pencil stub (even a crayon a time or two) as the writing utensil and it seems to make no difference whatever in the impact. So much for logic...

You do whatever feels good for you. It will also feel mighty good to your audience. Enjoy!!!

This is the effect that the Multi Desk was originally created for. I came across this thing that looks like a small version of a Lotto Machine (similar to the novelty pen used in 'Lotto Luck', pictured here). It has five different colors of balls, each ball has a different number. It is designed to play the game of 'bingo'. In this case the colors take the place of the five letters in b-i-n-g-o and make the game somewhat self contained and good for playing in the car. My immediate thought when I found this thing was to use it for the 'Lotto Luck' effect. Then the thought occurred to me to try and do something with the various colors as well as the numbers. That's when the concept of the Multi Desk was bom.

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While 1 won't describe this effect using the Bingo device 1 had found (since you may not be able Io find the same thing), 1 will describe the exact same type of effect using something you can put together for pennies and it plays eveny bit as effectively. I'll give you two versions of this. Here's the effect.

Effect I - A large ZipLocĀ® bag full ol folded colored slips {five colors total) is introduced. A few of them are removed, opened and found to each contain a different two digit number. The bag and slips may all be completely inspected for there is nothing to find

A single slip is chosen and the spectator is allowed to change their mind as often as they wish. Finally a slip is chosen. It is opened and the number is read aloud. Let's say it's a b/ue slip and the number is '4?'. Another blue slip is opened to reveal the number L21', lust to show that this is random and that all the slips do, indeed, have different numbers.

An envelope has been present on the table since the demonstration began. It is opened and a single slip is removed ... a biue slip, ft is opened and written upon it is the number '47'

Effect II - Basically (he same as Effect 1 in that there is a large ZipLoc&> bag full of folded slips, each containing a different number. The big difference this time is the fact that there are about a dozen distinctly different colors present and that each slip is clearly shown to carry a three digit number, meaning Lhe possible combinations run well into the thousands.

Even with these significant changes. A slip and corresponding number are chosen. A single slip is removed from the envelope, it is the exact same color and has lhe exact same number on it!

Method - Both of these effects work on the exact same basic principle. Effect II adds a second gimmick that allows for some interesting possibilities. Here's the scoop.

For both of these effects you will need my Multi Desk as described in the sections on 'Desks'. To do this effect you will need a Multi Desk made up to work with five different slips. At this point the working of Effect 1 should be obvious.

Simply load one of each of the five slip colors into the Multi Desk, ready to be written upon. The slips in the bag are all legitimately different (which, of course, makes everything examinable). Ail you need to do is wait to see what color slip is selected and write the number on the same color in your Multi Desk. The envelope involved is a window envelope. Just load the pocket written slip and reveal your miracle Easy!

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