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Anywhere thai it would seern remote and inaccessible would work just fine. Again jusi use your imagination, you'll come up with some great ideas The slip can either be switched ot just plain loaded into the remote location, either way works like a charm.

Bottom line on all of ihis is thai there are a bunch of places you can go with the slip once it has been written upon. My personal preference (there are exceptions of course) is to be able to show that there is a slip tucked away somewhere before the presentation begins and switch it out later. It's an extremely effective combination.

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There are those critical few seconds from the time when you iearn a piece of information (name, date, number, whatever) until you reveal it that need to be addressed. During these precious few seconds you're going to be writing, folding, palming and loading (or switching) a slip of some sort. This takes time and, for some, is a real problem.

There needs to be something happening during these few seconds to occupy the spectator's mind. In my effect 'Lotto Luck' (elsewhere in these pages), tins time frame is taken up with a 'proving procedure' that does two things. First it kills time and allows me to do my dirty work. But second, and just as important, ii "locks in' the fact that what ihey have been watching is truly random and there's no way you could have known beforehand what would happen. This is what occupies the spectators mind and allows me to do what I have to do. Read the effect and you'll see what 1 mean.

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