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moment. Finally open the chosen container Slide the thumb into the container, it will pin the slip inside against ihe outer wall. The tip will fit inside the 35mm container perfectly. Be careful not to flash the tip in the container during all of this. Remove the slip from inside the tip and toss it out to the center of the table.

As they open the slip and read it, you can retrieve the tip and palm away the slip inside the container and leave all on the table to be examined, Works like a charm!

Some more thoughts on this. You can load the tip and leave it somewhere thai you can get to it easily when the time comes. This will leave you completely clean for all of the prior stuff that happens before removing the chosen slip. You can also just leave the tip in the container and just put everything away with the tip still inside. You're not being chased, so don't feel like you have to run. Bottom line here is do whatever feels right to you and you'll have a great piece of entertainment that involves several spectators on your hands.


This is really fun! Get yourself a spinner from the game Twister®. Remember that one? A great game if you cart still bend ..

Anyway, use a Multi Desk with the colors from the Twister® spinner loaded Have your spectators spin the dial. Your prediction will, of course, be the actual color indicated by the spin, but will also indicate trie actua/ limb! For instance your prediction slip might be a blue one that reads 'Right Foot '. The simple fact that practically everyone has played the game before adds the dimension of familiarity, which is always good.

Who knows? Maybe you could have two people actually play a game on stage and you predict the winning (or losing as the case may be) move! This would take awhile of course. OK, this is probably a bit much for the stage, but definitely a possibility ior your next party with friends! T/iin/c about ii...

piracies g^rom (5~fie Hip

- a treatise on the ^\rt oftpodwt WritiHu -

I've been threatening to write this book literally for years! I can:t tell you how good it feels to finally have it done. 1 was actually in the process a few years ago when I found out thai rny buddy John Riggs was writing his very fine book on this subject, so 1 shelved the idea Well it's been a few years and there's plenty of room to go around. Plus there's a lot of territory here that's not in print anywhere else that I've seen,

I hope you've gotten something of value from this little effort There are more miracles possible with this technique than can be written down. You're only limited by your own imagination. Once you've done this for awhile, I'm certain you'll be coming up with ton's of effects of your own.

Finally I'll ask one small favor. If you come up with anything that is particularly coo! using pocket writing as a primary part of the method, drop me a line and let me know what you've got. I've got it in the back of rny head to do a follow-up book to this down the road somewhere full of effects, tips, bits, new desks, new techniques . . . the whole deal. So if you've got something cool, let me know. Who knows? Perhaps you'll find yourself in print somewhere down the road.

Until that day comes, I wish you all the very best in your travels with this marvelous technique. Until then. I remain at your service.


¿Mjracfcs 0rom ^JTic lHip

- a treatise on liic oj '-JXicfcel ^WVitiny -


There's not a whole lot of material in the literature on the subject of pocket writing What there is, is scattered all over the place_ Interestingly enough, there are those who have all but ignored the subject. Corinda devotes one sentence to pocket writing in the '13 Steps

While the material is somewhat scarce and scattered (and it's almost certain that I have missed something that should be on this list), it is all of uniformly high quality As such it is all worth obtaining.

Annemann, Theo - "My Own Swami Test', Practical Mentai Effects (19-44, Max Holder»), pages 127-129.

Boarde, C.L. - Mainly Mental Volume / (1948, self published?), pages 146-154. Among several other things, Boarde describes a marvelous desk that can actually hold two different types of paper - cigarette paper and another regular billet. Well worth your investigation. This book is a classic and deserves to be in every inentalists library.

Cassidy, Robert - Art 0/ Menia/ism (Collector's Workshop). For any mentalist, this book should be considered mandatory reading, Cassidy includes an entire chapter on pocket writing and (he material is excellent.

Cassidy, Robert - Pri/idpia Mentalia - Volume III (self published). More of Cassidy's fine work with pocket writing. It should go without saying that all of Robert Cassidy's published materials are worth investigating.

Karl Germain - 'Germain's Gem", 7~he Jinx (Theo Annemann, publisher and editor). A marvelous presentation using pocket writing as the primary modus. Unfortunately no information is given as to technique.

Riggs, John - PW - The Mentalist's Secret Weapon (1996, self published), 39 pages, includes material from Docc Hi!ford and Banachek. Apart from the book you are now holding, this is the only other complete book devoted solely to the technique of pocket writing, it is must reading for those interested in this technique, it includes a dynamite business card pocket writing desk by EJanachek and some killer routines, among many other items of great interest. GET THIS!

Strivings, Mark - 'What A Great Out!', Mobile Mentaiism (1996, self published), pages 22-25. My first published entry into the literature of pocket writing. In this case it is used solely as an out for my effect 'Sort-Of Numerology' from the same book. The basic desk is described here for the first time.

O^iracfcs J^rom eTfie (Hip

Strivings. Mark - 'Lotto Luck , Mental Melange Lecture Notes (1996, self published, out of print), pages 7-9. Since this work is out of print, for the sake of some completeness and since it fits perfectly in the present volume, il has been reprinted in it's entirely from the original with some minor updates and comments.

Strivings, Mark - 'The Stealth Prediction', To Pay The Price (1997, self published). Stealth I, pages 22-24; Stealth II, pages 24 -25; Stealth III, page 25, Stealth V, pages 26-28 (loading card box). Several different reveal men ts and devices to accommodate them are included in this collection. All are used in conjunction with playing cards, but there is no reason why these same ideas could not be adapted to many other uses,

Strivings, Mark & Waller, Robert- 'The Stealth Prediction', To Pay The Price (1997, self published), 'Stealth XI - AKA "Froggie"', pages 34-39. Candidly, this is one of the strongest pocket writing pieces in existence. It is simply Impossible, Well worth your consideration.

Strivings, Mark - '37', .Expanding Your Magical Creatiuity (1997, self published), pages 15-17 My original handling for the classic psychological force and one I still use extensively.

Str ivings, Mark - '37 Revisited', instructive Mentalism (1998, self published), pages 8-L2, An updated handling of the above cited reference. Contains the 'Swiss Army Pocket Index',

There are also various pieces of mine on video which can be found on the following titles: -Siriuings-Speaks Volume I (Lotto LuckJ, SMuings Speaks Again (Froggie), I low To Create Your Own Miracles ('37'), The Desert Brainstorm Series ('37' Revisited).

One more note. I have also produced a video through Flora & Co.. entitled, "Is That A Pencil In Your Pocket, Or..." which deals entirely with the subject of pocket writing. This is basically a video seminar/workshop and deals with all of the main techniques and devices. To my knowledge, it is the only video available exclusively on this topic. Well worth your consideration. Contact Flora & Co. or myself for more details.

Piracies g^om cTfie Hip

- a itxalisi on ific of ^ocke! (Writing


There are literally endless numbers of ways to practice and improve your pocket writing technique. Any list of words, numbers, short phrases, simple shapes . . anything at all can be practice material. Here are some suggestions,

Take any book or magazine that is in arms reach. Place it on the table in front of you. Get ready to write! Open the book to any random page and place your finger down anywhere on the page, immediately write whatever word you randomly selected (do 1 smell the meager beginnings of another booktest????)

Open the phone book and write the first five digits you see In order.

Turn the tv to any random station and write the first too word phrase you hear,

Always check your work and progress!!

Write the sale price of the first item that you hear a commercial for on the tv ot radio.

Once you begin to discover all that you can do with pocket writing, you'll see there is literally no etui to the ways you can practice and improve. Here's a fun one, pocket write your child's vocabulary or spelling list from school. Get as many words or figures as you can and reload your pocket desk as needed.

I hope you've enjoyed this book. Now go put what you've learned to work and amaze someone!!

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