Mark Strivings Sight Unseen Case

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- a liYutisc on I he oJCpocfccl '¿Writing -

Just be sure to practice in a variety of conditions. Once you've got this down, you'll be able to produce miracles anywhere. What a powerful tool you will have! So practice!!!


Is that a word? Well, it is in this book! What do we mean by this new term? Once you've written the Information on the slip in your pocket, what then? Where do you go with it? Once thai is done, how do you reveal it? That's what this section is all about and that is what a revealment is

For the most part, I have opted tor very low-tech approaches. In most cases it's nothing fancy. Simply put, 1 want to do the writing, fold the slip, fingerpalm it out of the pocket and be able to go somewhere with it that, is seemingly an isolated location where no hanky panky could possibly have happened. I want to be able to effortlessly reveal (he folded slip with no fuss. I think you'll see the practicality of the following approaches.

Switches -

Of course the most obvious approach would be to do a simple billet switch. There are a ton of them to choose from. Read Annemann, Boarde, Baker and a bunch of other standard references for all the info you could possibly use.

Early in the presentation, I will have introduced a dummy billet and left it in the middle of the table. Oncc all the dirty work is done, I simply switch it for the fingerpalmed slip, ditching the dummy slip a! a convenient time. Clean, easy, effective. But there is a potential problem with this approach.

Unless you prefold the slip in your pocket to match the slip on the table, it may come out looking dramatically different from the slip your audience has been staring at throughout the presentation. Since you already know how 1 feel about prefolding, you know that there must be another way to accomplish this switch. Of course if you don't mind prefolding, go for this approach. Its about as clean as it gets!


Window Envelope -

1 use a coin envelope that has a window cut out of the solid 'address' side of it, with two small subtleties. Obviously, alt you must do is load the fingerpalmed card under the envelope when it is removed from the pocket, through the window, and pull it out with your fingers of the other hand to reveal.

Easy Make Magic Apparatus

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lope. What you have is an envelope that has a solid compartment as welt as another side with a window access.

Place a dummy billet into the solid compartment. You're ready to go. Before you begin the presentation you can dump out the dummy billet and show it ahead of time. Replace il and leave the envelope on the table, window side down. Do your presentation and simply load the pocket writing billet underneath the envelope just as with the window envelope above. Remove it just as if it were the billet originally shown. Easy as can be!

The small touch of being able to clearly show a billet contained in the envelope before the presentation even begins is a strong convinces f have a bunch of uses for this little device. Use your imagination and I'm sure you'll start coming up with them, too.

Jaks Type Business Card Case -

This is simply a business card case with a large hole cut out of the back. It works exactly like the window envelope described above. The case is on the table from the beginning. You do your pocket writing and load the billet underneath the case. Simply pull it from the case Just as with the window envelope, be sure to watch your angles when handling the case. Don't flash that window!!

The Sight Unseen Case (Original and Generation 11) -

Mark Strivings Sight Unseen Case

Of course I'm rather partial io both of these since they are my own brain children. If you have either one of these, you already know that loading a billet is dead easy. For those of you who are not familiar with the case (and without giving away too much), both of these cases allow you access from the outside in and vice versa. Loading a palmed billet is just one of many tilings that can be done with these cases. There is no reset and it is constantly ready to go. No angles as such to worry about and the case looks good from all sides. Plus it makes a dandy everyday business card case.

Card To Wallet -

Any of the many gimmicked 'card to wallet' wallets on the magic market will work like a charm. The billet can end up in sealed envelopes, in an 'extra' wallet, or in a sealed compartment. Take your pick.

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- a treatise on the oJ<Poekct ¿Writing -

Card In The Can Variant's -

There a bunch of various containers on the magic market as well as in everyday life thai can be used for this particular modus. The basic idea is that a container (say a matchbox) is opened and a slip is seen contained inside. The slip is dumped out. read and is found to contain whatever miracle information is to found. Most of you know thai the slip that they see in the box is not the one that they end up reading. There are a ton oi variations on this. Use your imagination and you'll come up with something quite satisfying. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to do more reading.

Ostin Clips -

This is the gimmicked bulldog type clip that will be seen to have a slip clipped in its jaws from the outset. You do your pocket writing and then, as the slip is seemingly removed from the clip, it is switched, There are manufactured versions of this as well those you can make yourself. The best of the 'do it yourself type that I've seen is in one of Lee Earle's lecture notes and makes the 'work' invisible. It's well worth checking out. It's an extremely versatile prop and works like a dream.

alternate ^even fmctils

Thumb Tip -

To my knowledge, the great AI Baker came up with this. Candidly this is not one of my favorites but in certain situations it works like a charm. All that's involved is being able to show a dummy billet in some kind of small ish container prior to the beginning of the demonstration. Any regular coin envelope with a folded billet in it works fine.

In your pocket, along with your desk and writers you have a thumb tip. Once the writing is done and the billet folded, insert it fully into the thumb tip and put it on You can now remove the hand and be able to show it casually empty. AH you need to do is physically reach inside the envelope with your thumb and first finger (if possible) and apparently remove the billet that was shown earlier. What actually happens is that you slide your thumb out of the tip once it's fully inside the envelope, pinching the billet inside the tip and removing it. Remove the now switched billet as if it were the one seen originally. Crumple up the envelope leaving the tip inside and ditch it into a handy pockeL Continue from there.

Some envelopes or other containers are so small that you won't be able to get anything more than the thumb itself in, the first finger won't be an option. That's fine. Just slide the switched slip out of the container with your thumb and continue from there.

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