In the case of 'Lotto Luck' this feature is built in and natural. There's no heat on it and it flies right by. I do my best to build this into all of my fonnal presentations. For those who know it, probably the biggest challenge of my material along these lines is 'Froggie from my book "To Pay The Price" (1997). There's a ton of work (relatively speaking) thai has to happen in the pocket and it takes time. I've been able to build in this time misdirection and completely fill the spectator's mind and keep them busy while I get ready to hatch a mind numbing miracle for them. By the lime they get to the denouement of the effect, there's simply no way for them to backtrack. It's worth checking out.

But this doesn't happen in all presentations. How can you cover those few moments you need without fumbling and making it somewhat obvious that something is going on, even If the audience can't see it,?

Well, there is no one defimtive answer to that. First and foremost, your thinking can not show! This is critical. You must be able to act and inieraci normally without showing any thinking about what you're trying to do in secret. Practice is the key here.

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Beyond that, it's very situational. It docs help to have the gift of gab. but 1 do not mean blabbering on and on. Probably the easiest thing to do is to ask a question. "Is there any â– particular reason for that dale? Is it speaa! to you or random? How did you come up with that, then''7 By the lime they have thought about this and answered, you're home free. Questions automatically tie up a person's thought process. It's natural.

A simple extension of this is to pass the question to someone else, "They said 37, what would you have said? Did you think of the same thing7" Not only does this tie up the spectators thinking but also shifts the focus of the eye to a different place suddenly. This further ties up the mind and diverts attention from what is really going on. You get the idea. Try to anticipate this time frame and come up with questions or comments that are related to what's going on and the whole thing will flow easily.

This is an easily overlooked detail, but it makes all the difference in the world. You need to practice this. Here's an easy way. Have your pocket writing apparatus in place and just write anything, a single word or phrase, a series of numbers, draw a design, anything at all but make it something specific. Write this while asking a question of the person to whom you're speaking and listen to the answer. React and respond to it. In other words, act natural Just like you normally would in conversation. While all this is happening do your pocket writing of the material you've zeroed in on.

This makes a wonderful exercise. T here's literally no heat because you're not going to reveal anything. This is just practice and no one knows it but you! Check the results of your writing at your first opportunity. Do this a few limes and you'll start to get the feel for how this works. It's really very easy, and it's even easier to practice it. with no fear of failure. Try this exercise, it really works!!


Obviously this technique can be used (and perhaps is most powerful) with seemingly off-the-cuff presentations. Ask someone the date {not year, especially with women) of their birth. Then you can reveal that you 'had a feeling earlier today', and reveal a slip in your wallet {or wherever) which has the same date on it. Names, places, ages, special dates ... all of these are powerful presentation pieces.

If you are armed' all the time with the ability to do pocket writing, you can do a miracle anywhere, anytime. There is literally no end to the situations where you can produce a miracle. If you doubt me, just pay attention in the next 24 hours to situations that happen around you where you could reveal a piece of info that would not have been known to you before hand, and the miracles that could happen.

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Understanding Mind Control

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