By Mark Strivings

Her«; 5 a collection ol powerful men talis m Jot those who desire someihinj off the beaten path Something dating yet commercial. There is new ground broker, in these pages and In these seven routines Some new ground in effects (The Human Cigar']. some new ground in gtmnllefcs ('One Iri One Hundred ), some n^'.v giound in combinations ot gimmicks ( 37 Revisited'), some new twists on ihe dossier {'Con fabulous Vacation" J, so mi new work on material from lb« gtimli ('Mind Probe 111, and so much inOret of those effects require a certain amount of construction ot gimmicks {hence the1 play ori words in the title), Complete mi t ructions are included for all ol little projects. Eech will open your mind to new possibilities and new el feels oi your own. Matty are utilitarian and are, as such, capable of limilless effects! This book will stretch your own boundaries Pius the material is very commercial and practical. Hev 1 use this stuff! Yon will, too Over 40 pages in comb bound card covers Stud (his practical should cost more, but iot vou it's onJy...

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Practical Mentausm for the next Millennium and Beyond-If You Perform Close-Up. You Need This Book...

One of the first books (and rhe largest) ever Written dealing exclusively with (he topic of walkaround rnentalism Sixteen effects and routines, all designed for the demanding world of the strolling performer

Included are several routines by Mark Strivings as well as some of the top performers in the world of rnentalism Effects are included from such luminaries as Doec Hil/ord, Richard Webster, Tern,1 Nosek, Ed FoujI&t. John R'.ggs. Anthony Lindan. Gene Urban and Roben Walter. Taken together, this is a formidable collection of menta ¡ism. You will use this material! Also included is an audio tape specifically for instruction oí ai\ effect called Numerology Son-Of by Mark Striving? An impromptu rnindreading effect that will knock your audiences out. in all over 60 pages of hard hitting mental Ism!

This is a book you will refer to over and over again. If you do close-up ot strolling work ot any kind you need ihis book Its y outs for ihe tiny sum of...

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"This ts o lem/tc, h¡<j/)Jy sni'eabfe concept because few entertainers offer psychic/mental entertainment uihi/e srraJ/inj. H(gflfy recom-■ ■ mended " Robert K Milter, Linking Ring

*We!l worth the cosí, lioo of the Items wen! in this took u;enr immediateJy in iny shotu " Doc Dou^íieríy, Vtbreítons "/ Joije the neu.' U'aJk around book.'.'.1 Ii has already paid off for me end yoo can quote me on thai.'" Sam Hawtey

Practical Mental ism for the next Millennium and beyond...

The Most Unique Mentalism Book Of lis Kind...

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6y WlarR Strivings

This is a most unique book of mentalism. It is completely comprised of material with cards There are three highly commercial effects contained herein. What's unique about tins book is that there are over thirty methods to achieve these marvelous effects!

"Challenge Name-A-Card" is loosely based on the Eddte Joseph classic. 'Premonition'. Included are are thirteen brand new, divergent paths Guest contributors along this path include Bob Cassidy, Docc Hilford. Kenton Knepper and Richard Mossey.

"The Stealth Prediction" a stunningly clean prediction of a playing card where the prediction has been right in front of everyone the entire time, but hidden. Eleven variations are presented here. The guest contributor here is my dear friend, Robert Waller,

Finally, "'Any Card Al Any Open Prediction" is a total impossibility. A prediction is written and placed in the center of Ihe table, not to be touched again. Any number between 1 and 52 ts named. Very cleanly the cards are counted to that number. The card is turned over. The prediction is opened by the spectator and read...they match! Seven more variations are here,

All three effects can make a reputation. The book is over 50 pages, comb bound In card covers. And it's yours for only...

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