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As I mentioned in the footnotes of the previous essay I have since the publication of "Zeroing In" moved entirely into the world of stage performance. I felt that the basic version of "Zeroing In" was simply too small for the stage. I needed to develop a version that played much larger than the close up version in order for it to work onstage.

The solution for this "stage version" came in the discovery of the substitution of a pendulum with a slinky. This plays much larger on the stage and looks very pretty. The light bounces from the metallic springs. It also allowed me to make a spread of spectators across a large stage with the objects placed on the stage floor rather than on a table. This meant that the staging switched from being played small on a table top to larger with spectators lining the stage standing over objects.

I played with this version for some time occasionally changing the sequence to include a building multiple climax. However it simply did not seem to have the impact that I carried when performing in closer quarters. I then redesigned the effect to include all of the same "check points" in helping im

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