1. Begin with the index gimmick classic palmed in your left hand (I always have my gimmick red card facing out to begin with). Have the court card in the cellophane wrapping. The deck begins with the matching court card to the one under the cellophane, on top of the cased deck.

2. Remove the deck from the case, being careful not to expose the gimmick in palm, or the underside of the box (which houses the court card). Put the case away in your outer left jacket pocket. Introduce the effect as detailed in the script, which follows.

3. Have a spectator join you, and have her sit to your right. Take the time to greet her and establish a friendly, warm rapport.

4. After explaining exactly what is to happen (as detailed in the script), you appear to make one or two gestures toward the participant while explaining what she is to do. Despite their completely innocent appearance, these gestures veil so much more.

5. If you turn your body slightly to the right, allowing the audience to see your empty right palm and the back of your apparently empty left hand. I o the audience, everything looks fine; meanwhile, the participant sees the inde x gimmick and, thanks to our script, understands what she is to do next.

I make some simple, apparently unconscious gestures with my hands whilt talking to her. Do not overemphasize these gestures—they should appear a*.

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