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I have, on occasion, switched the I.O.U note for a large stack of bills. However, I prefer using the I.O.U note, which I first came across in the writing of Gary Kurtz, who used it to remove the sting from a "bank night" routine. I like this a lot as it removes the "I'm much more clever than you feeling" that the stack of bills can carry.

I mention that I use this effect as a call back. The way I do this is simple. While explaining what it is I am to do, I say the following: "Now if you could somehow see the show again, you would notice a million psychological pointers making you think of the envelope I wanted you to from the moment you even walked into this room. Just out of interest how many of you got the right one? If you want to find out exactly how I was trying to influence you visit for the answers"

This fits into my "premise" and also adds an extra element of mystery to the effect.

People will fairly evenly think of the colors. This also allows me to get an extra small effect for them when they realize they also thought of the "correct" envelope. It also allows me to put in a subtle plug for my web site without feeling like a salesman.

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