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He removes a pack of cards from his pocket and explains that he is going to mentally transmit the name of three separate cards to her.

The performer then removes one card from the deck, shows it to no one, and places it face down onto the table. He then asks the participant to close her eyes and allow her mind to construct a playing card, starting at the corner and building out. He asks her if she has done this, and she replies, "Yes, I am getting the Three of Hearts" The performer turns the tabled card over and, sure enough, it is the Three of Hearts. He offers another attempt; this time, he removes a card and shows it to everyone in the room except for the participant.

Once again, he asks her to gently close her eyes and construct an image of a card. She does so, and then names it out loud. Sure enough, it is the very same card placed onto the table moments before.

Finally, the performer shuffles the pack of cards and asks another spectator to remove one and, without looking at its face, place it onto the tabletop. The participant is asked to construct one last image in her mind. She names her card, and sure enough it proves to be the tabled card."

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