Square the short ends proper maintaining a right side jog of what was previously the upper portion of the shuffle.

From this position it is possible to allow the top card of the deck to square over the overlapping jogged edges.

From here place the deck into a dealing grip in your right hand. Allow the cards to gently spring of the thumb. This will actually cause the cards to spring past in groups of two.

It will feel as if only one card is springing past however it will actually be in groups of two. In order to count quickly you simply count the number of cards that riffle past the thumb in a slow and steady riffle and then double this number.

This gives you the position of the card stopped at. You will always display the upper card of the separated packets when stopped.

Double the number of the cards you counted and you now have the position in which the noted card lies.

It is now a simple matter to square the deck, I actually square the lower and upper portions as I break the deck to display the selection, using my fingers to box the upper section that is being raised and the lower section in my right hand is simply squared in a dealing grip.

I Tom this point you will spread the deck in front of a second spectator. They will name a number. It is now time for your adjustment to cause the card to end in the correct position. This calls for some simply math,

If the card noted lies in the fifteenth position from the top of the deck and I he number named was 21. You would need to move six playing cards from I he face of the deck to the very top of the deck placing it in the twenty first position.

In I his example I would probably use a shift along the lines ofCervon's Ultra Shlli or (oven's I loal Pass. Another option would be to simply perform a

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