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a modern stage performance. After some thought I settled on the following effect:

The performer takes a moment to thank his audience for being so kind during his performance. He explains:

"I genuinely love my job. I know I am one of the few fortunate people who actually enjoy doing what they do for a living and I feel extremely fortunate for it.

"It is, however, much like any other job — I mean, I may have just gotten the worst news in the world before walking onstage tonight, but I as a performer I have to work through that. That is my job. Around six months ago I actually seriously considered never walking on a stage again. I had become very tired and burnt out with the whole process of it.

"I did what everyone does when faced with a minor crisis in his or her life, and thought about what would I do without this in my life. I very quickly released that I could not simply stop performing. I still loved it as much then as I do today. I did however need a way of actually remembering and reliving all the amazing things that happen onstage every night.

"Now, I do not actually do this every night, however tonight I would like to remember this performance. You see, I have started to collect the world's strangest autograph book.

"1 ask a few people to impart their words of wisdom to me on a small index card. I keep them all together here in this red leather book."

I he performer removes a large stack of index cards, each bearing different "messages" left by his previous audience members. Displaying the first i ard he comments: "This card was written by something of a B-list actor, a very talented B-list actor. After watching my show, he decided to share the 1«>1 lowing thought with me."

I he performer moves onto the next card in the stack and comments: "This i aid was written by a well known political figure. He decided to leave me

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