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the rest of the audience becoming aware of how or when this knowledge is passed on.

I began working on this effect after using something for many years in which it appeared as though one spectator read an others mind by naming a selected card. This standard effect involves controlling a card to the bottom of the deck, which is then reverse fanned in front of a spectator, who is told, "Please name the one card that is very clear to you."

The spectator has no choice but to name the card on the face, as no others are visible due to the nature of the reversed fan. When designing this effect, I wished to achieve a similarly bold and striking deception, but to remove the clutter of the deck and only have one card on the tabletop at any time. I then decided that the most practical and deceptive method of stooging the spectator would be as follows:

Take two different colored cards, for example the six of clubs and the three of hearts. With a sharp knife, cut from both cards one index corner. Make each index corner roughly equal. I also round off the sharp corners. Now adhere the two index corners back to back with a glue stick.

You now have a double-faced index that can be easily hidden in a classic or finger palm position, and will in a moment be used as a tool for instant stooging.

If you were to classic palm this index in your left hand, and seat the spectator on your right side, you could appear to be making gestures with your hands, and in truth be letting the spectator know which card she is to name by secretly exposing the index in the palm to the spectator.

This index corner gimmick can be flipped over in the hand, and a different card will be visible. We have so far dealt with the first two of three instant stooge techniques.

Occasionally, in formal performances, I will attach this instant stooge index lo a pull or holdout device in my jacket. I can then allow it to shoot into my sleeve when I no longer need it. I have also included a method that can be used without i he pull later on in this manuscript.

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The third and final instant stooge method used is actually contained within the confines of a normal card box. From an old pack of cards, remove a court card and slide it (facing outwards) under the cellophane wrapping around the case of your deck of cards. I place my court card on the side of the pack that bears the name of the brand of cards being used, not the side that has the half moon cut out.

Let us now look at how we can combine all these elements together in order to create the desired effect.

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