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the psychology surrounding the routine. Too, when the person whose watch you stole, sees it, he will probably go a bit bananas with both, excitement and disbelief given all the misdirection you've set in place leading up to this moment.

Needless to say, you will need to figure out what method you will use for making the watch steal. I refuse to rehash techniques that others, far more qualified than I, have already made available to you. But I will point out that it is best to steal a watch that has a continuous band vs. a strap on band. I know they are more difficult to steal in a clean manner, but this very fact adds to the psychological impact of your final reveal.

Though I've but played with this routine a few times, I find that it is most startling and loads of fun...well worth the time and thought one will have to put into it, if you are to be successful in its presentation.

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