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have the cards dealt and for me to win each time is in essence conception ally incorrect. I must have some form of influence on the choices made byte spectator in order for it to fit within the realm of "influence" by looking at the hands and then rearranging them I am apparently attempting to influence the spectator into picking the losing hand.

This is in truth exactly what I am doing. I arrange them with the losing hand closest to the spectator. As I am talking I am constantly pointing to the winning hand when I mention the word "losing" this is a very subtle and small movement that should not be noticed but rather have a subconscious effect.

I have found that this is very easy to perform. Almost a 90% success rate with this force can very quickly will be achieved. However, should the force miss, you simply use a magician's choice (equivoque) to right the mistake.

The exact way in which I handle this is covered in the final "outs" section of this explanation. Let's however look now at the way in which the script and gestures work together to increase the chances of the spectator picking directly the losing hand.

"You are actually much more difficult to influence than I first thought, based on your less than typical answers to my questions, and because of this, I am going to offer myself in the first hand a slight advantage."

I have scripted this as above for several reasons. At this point I want the spectator to feel as if they are a special challenge to me.

I do not want them thinking I am going to spend the next 11 minutes making t hem look stupid or showing my superior skills over them. Rather I want it lo appear as thou they have reacted in ways that I had no expected and have hccause of this blacked down slightly from my original intention.

"I am going to look at each hand. I will know which is the winning hand and I know which is the losing hand."

A', I incut ion t lie "losing hand" I move my body in the general direction of the

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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