This is more a work in progress than a finished effect however it does introduce what I term "invisible restriction" this put in simple terms is a selection field that seems unlimited but in truth is limited by probable outcomes.

For example an openly restricted selection field might be selecting one card from a deck or thinking of a zodiac symbol from the twelve.

An invisible restriction would be a selection from a field that seems completely open but in fact is not. Such as common phobias with this selection field there is no need as in other effects based on a branching anagram system limit the choice prior to the selection.

According to my research the most common phobias in the UK are: Darkness, Heights, Crowds, Dirt, Strangers, Spiders, Birds and Snakes.

I found this in various surveys that have been taken on the UK public via I would suggest you do the same for your own country and then construct an anagram using this information.

With this in mind when the performer has audience members raise their hands we can be pretty much sure that the phobia a person suffers from is

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