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-Seven Blank Faced Playing Cards -Short Card -Remainder of Deck

Place the deck in its case and you are ready to perform.

1) Introduce the notion of psychic blackjack:

"I would like to play a game with one of you. I would like that person to be someone that considers him or herself naturally intuitive. Someone that can recall times in their life that they seemed to have had an uncanny insight into events that had not yet happened. We are going to play a game that is often used by psychics to develop their skills.

"You see often psychics have used their skills to beat the dealer in major casinos in the world. Ask yourself, how many of you would do the same with such a gift? Well I am sure someone of deflated morals would jump at the chance. However this game of Psychic Blackjack can also be played to develop your intuitive skills. That's what we are going to attempt."

As you deliver the above script, remove the deck from its case and perform a casual overhand false shuffle retaining the top stock of the deck. Despite my being fairly capable with a deck, I make a conscious effort to handle it with a minimum of flourish-like handling. I feel this is very important.

The more "normally" you appear to handle the deck, the more you look like a member of your audience might when they shuffle cards in their home, and the less it looks like a card trick. A simple in the hands false shuffle without paying any attention to it will more than suffice.

2) Continue by delivering the following as you deal five hands of cards from the top of the face down deck onto the working surface:

"I would like you, Sir, to play this game with me. Are you someone that considers himsell intuitive? Good. I want you to imagine you are walking

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