This routine mixes suggestion, positional forcing and classic methods to cerate a very fair and "hands off" version of the ten card poker deal. Methods to correct a miss in the forces are included at the end. I will leave it to the reader to select his personal favourites and use them when and where he or she see fit. I have outlined when I use which correction method in this section to better give you a concept of how I might correct a miss.

To being with remove two sets of Ten Card Poker Deal cards. If you do not know of this routine I would recommend you look into the various version already in print. However a basic overview of the concept is:

Remove three sets of three cards. For example three aces, kings, fours and then to this packet add one indifferent card for example the seven of hearts. These cards when dealt will always cause the losing hand to be, that which features the single indifferent card the seven of hearts. This card is classically called the Johna card. In simple terms if the performer is able to control whom ends up with this card during the selection process he also controls whom wins and who loses the game.

Each part of the routine is broken down into separate phases. I have dealt with each phase in and of itself. Another must follow none of this phase. In fact each of them may be performed independently of one another.

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