Again, a very simple routine with a conventional method, but what I think makes this really work is the absolute minimum of props from the spectators' point of view.

It comes across as being completely impromptu and gives the spectator a chance to talk about a meaningful event and experience magic.

The method that I propose is a simple one. You make a coin index, which holds pennies (or whatever coin that you choose to use) so that while the spectator is talking about the event, you retrieve the necessary coin from your index and use whichever switch you are most comfortable with to hand the correct coin back.

Some small points to consider — try to casually find out the date of the event early on, leaving you plenty of time to steal the coin and make the switch. Indeed, you may even like to secure the coin from your index before you borrow one from the spectator. This means that you can take their coin, and immediately have them hold it tight in the other hand, switching it in the process.

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