Ponnr for your thoubhts

A small notion based on the old saying, "a penny for your thoughts." The I" i lormer, about to read the mind of a spectator, recites the saying and then removes a penny from his pocket. He then states:

" I here is your penny, now I want your thoughts."

I he performer then goes on to reveal the spectator's thoughts.

This I think is best when working with more than one onstage spectator. It is a little corny, however I like it. I make use of both this idea and my use of the slinky later in the effect "Touching On Hoy."

This was inspired by a friend, Liam Montier, who has a wonderful effect in a privately circulated manuscript called "A Penny For Your Thoughts" thai does not use it as a presentational device. The effect is wonderful, and maybe one day Liam will be kind enough to publish it.

Simon Sign, Richard Wiseman, Luke Jermay and Daren Brown in London.

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