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I am a real believer in proving your credentials quickly and effectively at the top of a show. This effect was created to fulfill that purpose; it also showcases the performers "humility" and always draws a nice "laugh" from the audience as the reveal is made.

To perform the effect you need to make two envelopes. One green and one red. On the back of these print the word "mine" and on the other "yours".

You can choose to print these words on either of the colors however I use the green envelope as "mine" and the red as "yours".

The reason I have made the envelopes in this way is simple. I for some time performed a version of dangerous Monte using two colored tubes. One red and one green. The knife was always hidden under the red tube. I had to always be left with the green. After performing this for so long it is now second nature for me to end with the green envelope/tube.

So I saw no reason lo change this. As long as you have a way to remember

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