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though you are simply "talking with your hands".

6. You will now, under cover of the participant closing her eyes and receiving your mental transmissions, simply allow the gimmick to fall from a classic ■ palm position into what in coin magic is referred to as fingertip rest. Now, allow the gimmick to turn over completely and then push it back into classic palm.

Alternatively, you could simply allow it to fall into linger palm and you are ready to continue. This is not as hard as it reads. No one is watching your hands at this point in the effect, and I think you'd have to agree that this is the best time to do any kind of sleight.

7. Run through the deck, again being careful not to expose the gimmick, and remove the card that matches the side of the index gimmick that was shown to the participant moments before. In my case, I always palm the gimmick red card out first, so I would remove the Three of Hearts. Place this card face down onto the tabletop, showing it to no one.

8. You will now ask the participant to name the card she is receiving from you.

Thanks to our gimmick and script, she will name the Three of Hearts. Turn the card face up and show it to everyone. Have the participant open her eyes and show her that she was correct.

This is an interesting point that is worth taking a moment to discuss. As you are aware, in reality the participant already knows that she is right, but the audience is not aware of this fact.

To make things seem consistent with the audience's beliefs, remember to show the participant the card and, as you will see in the script, congratulate her on her success.

y. You will now repeat the first instant stooge method, in which you appear to he gesturing toward the spectator but in fact are allowing them to see the gimmick in your left palm.

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