The performer hands four spectators a shoelace each. He then asks them to remove a finger ring and thread it through the show lace. He demonstrates this onstage with a further shoelace and his own wedding ring.

He explains that: "If you do not wear a ring looks to the person on your left and right for their help. I am sure with such a friendly audience someone will come to your rescue."

After all spectators have their shoelace threaded with a finger ring they are told to relax and imagine they could with some unexplainable force move the ring in front of them;

"Imagine that you could somehow move the ring you are focusing on in front of you. I know this sounds crazy but imagine you could reach out and make that finger ring swing in a circle. See an imaginary hand and move the ring. See you moving forward toward that ring and pushing it in a clockwise circle. With every muscle in your body, attempt to move that ring without touching it. You might surprise yourself with you new found psychic ability"

The performer moves around the audience commenting on how they are all doing. Growing excited with several spectators as they cause their finger ring to move. He then explains:

"Even thou that seems amazing as if you were somehow guiding the rings movements with a psychic force the truth is in my mind even more incredible. You sec you were not pushing or moving hat ring correct?"

The performer has all spectators confirm that they were not moving the ring In anyway he then continues:

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