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I would really recommend anyone wishing to add pick pocketing to their shows develop a routine that allows them to work in a set of steals in a safe manner. For me this routine does just that. The final watch steal is totally false. The watch is actually handed to me by the spectator who has been informed to remove it and hand it to me under the cover of a stage whisper. However we get into greater detail late as to the actual steals and the surprise climax.

The effect itself has three problems to be overcome. The first of course is ensuring that your prediction which I recommend being printed on heavy paper which I fold and seal with a small oval sticker.

For this problem I have used several different solutions. The final method I use is simply to have someone backstage or even in the audience queuing me to which of the items are being picked which as soon as I am aware of which item has been selected I direct to be placed into the correct pocket to match my prediction.

This is inspired from Steven Tuckers "Visa Cabaret" a brilliant routine in which a spectator hides three bills in three pockets. Which later match a prediction.

Let's imagine the prediction reads: "The wallet will be placed in your left jacket pocket. The ipod will be placed into your right jacket pocket and the cell phone will be placed into your left outside jacket pocket."

To ensure this prediction would be accurate I would as soon as I am aware that the wallet has been selected direct the spectator as follows: "You have one? Great, place whatever you happen to have in your left inside pocket and pick another item."

Let's imagine the second item to be selected was the cell phone. I would direct the spectator as follows: "Great. Place that item — whatever it is — into your outside left jacket pocket and then take the last item and place it into your right hand inside jacket pocket."

As soon as you are cued by your secret assistant as to which of the items has

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