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"You were! You just did not know it. It's an amazing quirk of the human mind that has been called the idea-motor response. It's the concept that every thought we have in some way affects out physical reactions. By willing to move that ring in fact you are making tiny movements in your hands to cause it to move. These movements are so tiny that you are totally unaware of them. However this is so much more than a simple party trick. It's a genuinely an example of the power of your own minds. Without even realizing it you caused an object to move by nothing more than simply thinking about it. It of course was no a psychic experience however it is to me at least as amazing.

"The history of the idea motor response is fascinating and throughout the history of entertainment a hand full of experts have held audiences captive with their ability at reading these tiny movements.

"Now certainly I am not in their league just yet however I have developed some of the skills needed to interpret these subtle almost undetectable movements.

"Miss, would you please join me? You can leave your shoe lace in your seat."

The spectator joining the performer onstage is handed a business card and asked to write down the name of a person they are close to. They then fold this card up and place it in their pocket sight unseen by the mentalist.

The performer continues: "Now these movements are so tiny that the only way to exaggerate them is to use what is basically a big spring."

The performer walks to his table and whips away a cloth that covered a slinky sitting proudly on the tabletop. He continues: "Can you tell I was a child of the 80's? You see this is exactly that a big spring that will help amplifies your movements. Please hold onto the slinky and allow it to drop to the floor stretched between your hands and the floor."

The performer then moves behind the spectator center stage and takes a seal He picks up a note pad and has the spectator hold the slinky until it becomes calm and still. He then continues: "OK, I am going to recite the alphabet. I do not want you to give anything away please do not try to help me as it will

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