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I am going to remove the fewest number of cards that are needed to play an actual game. Two hands of five cards each a total of ten cards"

As the performer states the above he is casually shuffling the cards, gives them a cut and deals a pile of ten cards in front of the spectator. He continues:

"I would like you to pick up the cards and give them a quick mix just so you know that neither I nor you could control the positions of those cards. Then deal them into two hands of five cards. You do not have to deal one card for one and then me for you — rather, deal in any way you wish to as long as we both end with five cards in our hands. I am going to ask you a few questions. Please answer without thinking.

"What is your favourite color?

"If I were to ask you to name any shape what would it be? "Finally, name a number between one and ten."

The performer makes comments based on the answers of the spectator. He then continues:

"You are actually much more difficult that I first thought to influence based on your less than typical answers to my questions and because of this I am going to offer myself in the first hand a slight advantage. I am going to look at each hand. I will know which is the winning hand. Again I wish to make it clear I am going to try to make you pick the losing hand in a few moments."

The performer looks at both hands and seems to arrange them in a careful way. Lacing one hand slightly closer to the spectator. He continues:

"Ok I want you to pick one of the hands. Just place your finger on it. Please bare in mind it would be much easier for you to simply pick the hand closest to you.

"Of course my pointing this out may be a bluff that might actually be tin winning hand, or maybe my bluff is actually a Mull or why else would I

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