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pendulum will remain still until it is held over the object they are focusing upon. This will happen. I will not cover the workings of this in detail, as I am sure all of you are already familiar with it.

I now have zeroed in from the three spectators I felt were the most likely to respond to my suggestions to the one I feel will respond best, all under the guise of an effect - an effect that actually plays very well.

You are now free to move on into further test to build suggestion or continue on with your pendulum routine and move forward with your suggestion effects later in the set*.

This approach has served me well in the zeroing in on a spectator I feel able to work well with. There is nothing new here; it is simply the way I pull it all together to make it into an effect, so nothing need be done pre-show. That said it also makes for a compelling and useful demonstration.

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