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it. Throughout the 90s Craig Browning slowly shifted away from the world of grand illusion even though he'd work hand in hand with designer Ken Whitaker in the creation of several brand new illusions and illusion systems that would be released through Creative Illusion of Las Vegas. It was however an unfortunate car accident in 1996 that would lure Craig Browning deeper into the realms of true mentalism, his injuries preventing him from being able to work with the heavy equipment he so loved. For most of his life Craig Browning lived with a peculiar health condition that could not be readily explained away. It plagued him significantly and cost him a great deal of credibility when it came to his ability to fulfill certain obligations. It wouldn't be until the late fall of 2004 that a clever physical therapist would point doctors on the right path; Craig Browning being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in November of that year - the mystery was finally solved!

Today Craig Browning resides in Western Massachusetts where he readily shares his years of experience and unique creativity with magicians from around the world. He has once again started publishing materials for the Psychic & Bizarre Entertainment industry and will soon be releasing a handful of his pet effects. He's been a contributing editorialist for Visions On-Line almost since it began and likewise contributes to the UK's Top Hat e-zine somewhat regularly.

What Craig has created here is a very interesting combination of ideas and methods that when combined create an effect that is much larger than the sum of its parts. He kindly mentions me in his explanation, which follows this I take as a genuine honor. Craig is well known within the mentalism community through his writings on www.online-visions.com as well as his published work. He is currently working on a larger collection of work to be published in the near future so keep your eyes open for that.

One of the more popular bits in current vogue is the act of remote touch (a.k.a. Banachek's PK Touches). I'll even admit that it is one of my favorite routines to play with and some of the enhancements that have come along are down right ingenious. Then too, with young minds such as my good friend Luke Jermay, introducing us to new ways of exploiting the basic concept, I think the world of psychic entertainment is embarking on an entirely new region ol

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Understanding Mind Control

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